Primordial Royalty

“I decree, with the power in all of us, we will destroy the Abyss, and we will hold off the Usurpers and outsiders…as long as I remain king!” ~Tarrasque, King of the Primordials

The Primordial Royalty is a group of extremely powerful primordials. The Primordial Royalty was formed officially when the Era of Wars began, as a precaution to better fight those that dare invaded the Elemental Chaos. When the great war ended however, the primordials become divided once more, but they continue to strive, independently, for the same goals.

The Primordials:

  • Tziphal – Lawful Good – Seat of Earth
  • Xixecal – Good – Seat of Ice
  • Solkara – Chaotic Good – Seat of Water
  • Ekhahk – Lawful Neutral – Seat of Smoke
  • Ogremoch – Lawful Neutral – Seat of Crystal
  • Bryakus – Unaligned – 2nd King
  • Mualtar – Unaligned – Seat of Storm
  • Tarrasque – Unaligned – 1st King
  • Imix – Chaotic Neutral – Seat of Fire
  • Ithkalau – Chaotic Neutral – Seat of Air

The Dead Primordials:

Primordial Royalty

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