The Dreaming Realm

“Dreams. Aren’t they wonderful? They are the sanctuary of the mind.” ~Zagyg, 3rd and Final King of the Kingdom of Turath

Within existence, there exists three realms. Sages also agree that life has three main pieces…the body, the mind, and the soul. There exists a realm for each…material, dreaming, and ethereal, respectively. Existence is said to be a fusion of the three realms sandwiched together.

The dreaming realm houses the mind. For the majority of beings, even gods, their minds require rest to function. When one sleeps, they enter the dreaming realm.

The dreaming realm is a colorful and interesting, to say the least. The dreaming realm is even more random than the Elemental Chaos, yet much more easily controlled. Each mind has its own pocket realm, which vanishes upon death. In one’s own pocket realm, they have complete mastery over its formation, akin to a deity and their divine dominion.

However, one can leave their pocket realm to venture into the Thought Collection. A rainbow maelstrom of oddities, growing bigger and bigger as the ages pass. Creatures in the Thought Collection is a rarity. Most, if not all, travel to the maelstrom to gather remnants of information left behind by destroyed pocket realms. The older the information, the further in the maelstrom they must go. Some legends tell that the maelstrom’s center is the secret of the universe. No one has ever managed to go that far into the mighty vortex, however.

Aberrant creatures are the most common kind of creature found in the Thought Collection. Sages speculate that aberrant creatures might have increased power in this realm. Others believe that aberrant creatures spawn nightmares with their presence, believing that the power of the aberrant creatures increases from them feeding off the despair.

The Dreaming Realm

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