Era of Paradise

“Existence is flawed now. Before, it was not.” ~Ilias, the Great Sage

Timeline: ? – 0

(The following is a summary of Ilias’ tale of the Era of Paradise)

“Before the world, before the sea, before even light, The Weaver existed. The Weaver was all alone in the endless darkness. Then, she had an idea that would end her loneliness. She conjured knitting needles and magical thread, and she began to weave the planes into existence. She wove a blue rose, and then made another red rose, and then a cactus, and many more plants. After a long time of weaving countless plants into existence, she decided to weave more ‘livelier’ friends.

She wove a sentient being. But, then the sentient being became lonely. So, she wove a friend for it. Then, she began have her ideas pour out into her thread. She created the Natural World, and gave her plants a home there, as well as her two friends. Then, she wove other humanoids, beasts, and magical beasts into existence.

She created 5 planes, including the Natural World. These were the Feywild, The Astral Sea, the Elemental Chaos, and the Nine Gardens. All was peaceful, and the planes were a place of a seemingly endless time of an immortal paradise. But, one day, this paradise was to come to an end. There actually was another great being in the universe.

This great being called himself “Tharizdun”. Tharizdun was a mighty monster, well armed with a giant glaive and a beard of snakes. Tharizdun was lonely, and had lost his mind, after being in isolation for so long. But, one day, he spotted a distant, glowing thread. He went towards the thread, and bit it with his snake-beard. The thread turned into black stone, and was corrupted. This thread went wild, and created evil creatures. Tharizdun, with his stone thread, transformed the Nine Gardens into the Nine Hells. He also created the Abyss, Underdark, and Shadowfell for his own purposes. Tharizdun’s evil powers began to spill out of the stone thread, and created death.

The Weaver, in her domain, was horrified when she saw Tharizdun’s monsters destroying and corrupting her friends, all of the races resorting to war for survival. She cried. Her tears became the blood of all mortals. When she found and tried to destroy the thread, her needles turned into daggers, and her threads to ash. She lost the power to create.

The Weaver traveled to the Abyss to battle Tharizdun, who was waiting for her. They fought for a fortnight, neither giving in. Then, Tharizdun caught her off-guard for a split second, and bit her heart with his snake-beard. The Weaver started to die, her body turning to bright white ashes. She cried more tears, which hit Tharizdun. Tharizdun reeled back in pain as the tears of The Weaver’s infinite love were scorching his flesh. He vaporized. The weaver was happy that she at least died killing her killer. She then, was finished, and disappeared, her ashes becoming the stars."

Era of Paradise

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