“For all the creatures dwelling in Vujak, the layer feels empty. Great stretches of savannah lay undisturbed except for the hot wind blowing from the Curseswallows to the east. The mountains are still and quiet until pierced by the occasional shriek of the dying. Even in the vibrant forest of the Seeping Woods, nothing stirs. At night, the layer comes alive, when the hunters emerge from hidden grottos and filthy encampments to hunt. The screams of the slain, wet tearing noises, and the grunts and clashes of combat sound out, and the layer is pregnant with the coppery smell of spilt blood.” ~Demonomicon of Iggwilv, Page 352

Vujak Traits

  • Type: Abyssal layer.
  • Size and Shape: 600 miles across; bounded.
  • Gravity: Normal.
  • Mutability: Abyssal mutability. (Demon lords and other powers are able to influence their surroundings.)

Once ruled by the late demon lord Gorellik, and now ruled by the demon lord Yeenoghu, the 422nd layer of the Abyss is known as Vujak. In the day, Vujak’s yellow-green sky is cloudless, with only a blood-red sun in the sky. At night, Vujak’s sky is an inky blackness, with only a crimson moon. Here the laughter of hyenas and gnolls, the roars of demons, and the screams of the dying echo throughout this dire layer. This layer consists of five main regions.

A hot and dry savannah, Dun’s Savannah, is the largest region of the five. It is also the home of most of Vujak’s living populace. The three major cities in Vujak also lie here. Vujak-Kesk is the capital of this layer, and it is also the place which serves as Yeenoghu’s own home. A very notable place is the Blood Pit, a place where Yeenoghu’s prisoners fight for their very lives in gladiatorial battles for the amusement of himself and his followers.

To the west, there is Vujak-Riln, the smallest of the three cities. Its main purpose is as a colony to gather wood from the Seeping Woods, to the west. The Seeping Woods consist of gnarled, diseased, gray trees. Yellow, sickened leaves garnish the ground below. The toxic shrubbery, a sickening green, dripping rotting nectar from pores. Demonic, poisonous swarms of insects and serpents fight for survival.

To the north of Dun’s Savannah lies the Screaming Peaks, a range of jagged mountains, home to the last of Gorellik’s followers. The peaks are of a gray, sharp, porous stone. The third of the three cities, Vujak-Sesco, lies here. This city serves two complementary purposes; one, as a slave-gathering colony; and two, as a bastion against Gorellik’s followers.

Just north of the peaks exists the White Desert. With salt instead of sand, this white landscape stretches for miles upon miles on end. It is said that anyone who wanders into the White Desert unprepared never, ever comes out again alive. Remains of the dead sink into the salt, leaving no trace of the victims it claims. It is said the only permanent landmark is a place of blackened, bitter salt, forever marking the grave of Gorellik.

Finally, to the east of Dun’s Savannah is a yellow sea called the Curseswallow. The poisonous, salty waters are actually laden with escaped prisoners of Yeenoghu. Rumor has it that the greatest ship sailing the waters is owned by a roguish revolutionary, of sorts.


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