“His demands are simple: kill. Follow his commands and you shall know blessings beyond your dreams.” ~Zaiden, Prophet of Yeenoghu

Yeenoghu (also known as the Destroyer, the Beast of Butchery, the Ruler of Ruin, and the Prince of Gnolls) is the ruler of the 422nd layer of the Abyss, Vujak. He is a powerful gnoll, 10 feet tall, brandishing a mighty triple flail. He is commonly revered as a patron deity by his favored race, the gnolls. Yeenoghu wasn’t always the ruler of Vujak, however. Yeenoghu himself was once a mortal, in fact…

According the Demonomicon of Iggwilv, Yeenoghu was a half-demon, half-gnoll, born out of act of sexual desecration by Gorellik, the ex-ruler of Vujak, against a mortal gnoll woman. With his mother having died while Yeenoghu was very young, the rebellious youngster decided his harness his demonic prowess. With this, he violated the decrees of his tribe, and he was exiled. Left to his own devices, he became a savage. Continuing to enpower his demonic abilities, the youngster became a powerful force. A decade passing, Yeenoghu’s power had attracted many other gnoll exiles, all bowing down to him. With this mighty tribe, Yeenoghu led them into many successful battles, pillaging and raiding parts of Nerath. Because of this string of battles, Yeenoghu and his tribe attracted the attention of King Elidyr.

Knowing that Yeenoghu was too far gone to save and doomed to abyssal damnation, Elidyr sought to eliminate Yeenoghu, continuing in his quest to try and save Nerath from ruin. Sending a legion of angels at Yeenoghu, Elidyr expected an easy victory. However, he was floored when almost all of the angels were bloodily slaughtered, with hardly any gnoll casualties. Elidyr sent two legions of angels, with shockingly the same result; the almost complete destruction of the angelic legions, with hardly any gnoll casualties.

With this string of victories, Yeenoghu attracted many more gnoll followers, entire tribes defecting to him. Even some demons decided to join him. In one final attempt to defeat Yeenoghu, Elidyr himself led 15 legions of angels into battle against the menace. In the battle, Elidyr overpowered Yeenoghu, becoming the first and only creature ever to do so. However, Yeenoghu’s two advisors, and future exarchs, Nezrebe and Rekla, helped Yeenoghu fight against Elidyr. While Elidyr was able to hold his own, and probably could have won, the losses of his divine followers were becoming too much for him, regardless of the fact that for the first time, the gnoll army was taking heavy losses.

Elidyr ordered a retreat, making the battle a draw. The gnolls, however, assumed they were victorious. Spreading the word that they were victorious for a third time, Yeenoghu’s army swelled to massive proportions. Yeenoghu took the fight to the Abyss’ 422nd layer, against his own father, Gorellik. Swarming the layer, Yeenoghu’s followers destroyed Gorellik’s mighty bastions and massacred his own followers. As Gorellik retreated, attempting to escape, Yeenoghu ambushed him. There was no contest. Gorellik was unable to fight back effectively against Yeenoghu’s savagery, dying in agony as Yeenoghu tore him apart, limb from limb. Yeenoghu won the day, securing Vujak as his.

When Yeenoghu conquered Vujak, Gorellik’s allies swiftly turned against him. However, because so many other demon lords were fighting Yeenoghu, they fought half-heartily and lazily, confident the sheer numbers would allow them to win. Yeenoghu quickly defeated the invaders with ease. The surprised demon lords made no more attacks, out of shock and fear…well, almost all of the demon lords. Baphomet alone, however, refused to give up. To this day, at least one part of Vujak is being besieged at all times, being attacked by the relentless Baphomet.

Yeenoghu has not gained many allies in his time as a demon lord, however. The only two demon lords that work with him at this time are Graz’zt and Iggwilv, perhaps out of a kinship. (With Graz’zt being half-demon, half-devil, and Iggwilv being half-demon, half-human.) However, it is more commonly believed that the couple is only using Yeenoghu as a puppet, with them constantly beguiling Yeenoghu’s forces into near-suicidal battles and all.


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